The Story starts here

Sky and Sea Olives and Herbs Clouds and Windmills Blue, green and white world spreads in front of your eyes.
The Olive Hill which has a herbal garden, a Greek windmill and which is the setting for the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service".
You would want to take photos straddling the broom. That kind of lovely scenery spreads in this park.
A restaurant where you can enjoy the accommodation, onsen and Shodoshima food ingredients Gifts...
A facility where you can enjoy everything about Shodoshima.

Free entry 24/7 8:30-17:00

A magical broom that you can borrow for free

If you straddle on the broom, anyone can feel like being a witch!
Let's take a photo with you, flying in front of the blue sky and white windmills in the background!

Setting of the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service"

The movie's appearance as it is…
A place where you can enjoy flower accessories and herbal tea.

A happiness olive leaf bookmark

Olives that symbolizes the happiness and peace
Make your own happiness talisman using heart-shaped olive leaves.

An olive colored post box delivering happiness

From the Olive Island "Shodoshima" to the significant other.


A lodge built in an excellent location overlooking the sea.

2 restaurants

A café where you can enjoy Shodoshima Olive Oil and specialties.

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